Professional Thai Massage for Health - 165 hours

Professional massage course for 165 hours

Teaching the art of massage, starting from the basics, etiquette, hand laying, alignment, positioning and line massage.

The cautious and contraindications to massage. For Patient's security, they will get treatment. Eliminate fatigue loosen the tight lines. Pull the slack line into place. Relax stressing out and prepare the body to be complete to work or exercise.

The students will learn how to massage for health and relieve stressing out correctly in the traditional way of Wat Pho, which is recognized as the traditional Thai massage model.  Divided into 2 parts as follows.

Practical for 124 hours (19 days)

Starting from the basics, etiquette, hand laying, alignment, positioning and line massage.

Procedures for health massage, relaxing the stress, prepare the body to be competent.

Practice massage techniques using various parts of the body to suit the massage.

Massage for pain relief on the most common areas such as headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, etc.

Using herbs for massage by using compress ball, herbal steam, and practicing in order to become a massage expert

Practical study :Monday – Saturday at 9.00-17.00 hrs.

Theory for42 hours (7 days)

Learning basic Thai massage, including anatomy and physiology,

contraindications and cautions for massage, first aid, Prathan-sib line,

disease that caused by the Prathan-sib line, laws that should be known. Including professional ethics and service psychology, also including Rue-siDaddon for the introduction of post-massage services and for self-management

To studying the theory :Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 16.00 hrs.

*Students in this course are required to stay at the school’s hostel. Apply Before the class until the 1st of the month.

Course starting :. Every Monday.

Course duration : 26 days (Monday-Saturday)

Class hours : 09.00 – 17.00

Registration fees : 38,000 Baht  (course learning only)


Method of payment : Cash, credit card (Visa and Master card) or money transfer.

Required documents : A photocopy of passport and 2 inch of 3 photographs.

Locations: : Chetawan Health School(Salaya) Tel : 034-300-560


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