Which courses should I attend
Thai massage is well know course.
You can choose to take the general Thai massage for 30 hours or if you have more time and would like to be professional at the end of the course, you can take the professional Thai massage course for 165 hours.

Why the course here is expensive?
Since it is such an intensive courses. One teacher will take care for only 1-3 students only to make sure that all students will be able to perform massage precisely and correctly.
Some school may have one teacher for upto 10 students so they will&n

Which locations should I attend?
1st it is depending on your convenience.
2nd if you compare 4 locations :-
Wat Po location : quick and easy to access , big class, but not good for student who lost their concentration easily.
Salaya : quite, good for student to become&n

How Wat Po massage is different from other massage?
How Wat Po massage is different from other massage?
Our massage treatment was designed to be able to perform from soft to hard with gentle and slow. You can learn to perform massage from 30 minutes upto 3 hours. When you massage correctly on the poin

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