Oil Massage and Aromatherapy

Oil Massage and Aromatherapy - 30 Hours

Even the science of oil massage are originated from the west, Thais also uses fragrances and herbs is traditional healthcare for long time ago. WatPo's oil massage technique to manipulate the relax-able feeling. Rubbing and stroking through Thai massage lines all over the body apparently reveal you the differential experience of oil massage.

Practical Session

Property of western and eastern aroma

Massage technique and procedure

Fee : 
15,000 Baht.

Class hours: 
9 a.m. to 4 pm.

Course starting : 
5 days a week from Monday to saturday for Watpo school and Chetawan TM school

Method of payment: 
Cash , credit card ( Visa and master card) or Money Transfer

Required documents : 
3 pictures of you by 2 inches size and a copy of your photo passport.


Location: WatPo TTM (Tha-Tien)  Tel : 02-622-3551, 02-622-3533

                Chetawan TTM (Chaeng Wattana) Tel :  02-962-7338

                Chetawan TTM (Chiang Mai)  Tel : 053-410-360

                Chetawan Health School(Salaya)  Tel : 034-300-560


General Thai Massage course is prerequisite

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Oil Massage and Aromatherapy

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