Wat Po Traditional medical and Ayuravate asscociation

Wat Pho and Chetawan alumni club of Wat Pho alumni club
Jointly established
Since the beginning of His Majesty the King, Phra Ariyawongkhasakan, Somdej Sangha (Pun Punnasiri) established the School of Traditional Medicine in 1968 as a center of learning in traditional medicine. Including pharmaceuticals, medicine and midwifery Until the school began teaching traditional massage. According to the instructions of His Majesty the King That His Highness asked the faculty that "Does the school teach massage?" In 1957, it became the first school that taught all 4 branches of traditional medicine to the present.

More than fifty-five years started from a small school within the temple. Currently, Phra Chetuphon Temple Traditional Medicine School (Wat Pho) has developed knowledge As well as improving the teaching standards to be trusted and accepted both at home and abroad. The school has also expanded its branches under the name of Traditional Massage School and Chetawan Health School. To disseminate knowledge Training Creating services for massage and Thai traditional medicine To the public at large, both domestically and internationally In order to be a center of alumni that are abundant both in Thailand and abroad Administrators, faculty, staff, as well as current students Therefore, there is an idea to jointly establish the Wat Pho and Chetawan Alumni Club of Alumni, with the main objective of creating a network to exchange knowledge. Continuing wisdom Research and develop new knowledge to keep up with the rapidly changing world. As well as to promote the relationship and cooperation of professionals for the benefit of society in the future

Club objectives
Providing help, advice, advice and knowledge dissemination Thai traditional medicine to members As well as those interested
Is a center of exchange of knowledge In which members can share knowledge and share career experiences Through the network of the club
Promote education Support research and development Strengthen wisdom Thai traditional medicine
Promote good relations and unity among members for the benefit of society and the country. Member benefits
Ordinary members (must be alumni of the school)
Have a right to vote And elected to the position of club director
Have the right to attend meetings and vote in any club resolutions
Receive news, knowledge, and public relations from the club, such as journals, clubs, and various electronic media.
Able to attend seminars And participate in various activities organized by the club By free of charge or receive a special discount
Get various benefits That the club will coordinate And further announcements
Associate members (interested parties)
Receive various privileges similar to ordinary members except the rights in Article 1

Membership and membership application
Membership is valid for 2 years from 6 April (for example, 6 April 2011 to 5 April 2013). Members must submit an application. Along with evidence and fair values
Members will be able to check the documents. Member registration And send membership cards to the association later

Required documents
A copy of ID card and a copy of house registration
2 inch photo (2 pieces)
Copy of certificate or diploma Of Wat Pho Traditional Medicine School or the Chetawan Affiliated School (For ordinary members)
Membership fee 100 baht
Application Method
Fill out the application form and submit documents by yourself at Phra Chetuphon Temple Traditional Medicine School (Wat Pho) and all branches of the Chetawan network.
Apply by mail By sending documents and fees to the Chetawan Thai Massage School 392/252528 Soi Phenphat 1, Maharat Road, Phraborom Maharajawang, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok 10200
(Corner bracket that says Apply for membership of the association)

Club location
99 Soi Tha Tien, Maharaj Road, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang
Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok 10200. Phone: 02-622 3551, Fax: 02-622 3550
Website: http://www.watpomassage.com E-mail: watp.ttm@gmail.com

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