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History of Wat Phra Chetuphon Traditional Medicine School (Wat Pho)

Thai traditional medicine and traditional massage Has a history together with the Thai nation since ancient times In the Ayutthaya period Department of Medicine and Department of Chiropractor Considered to be a large department that must serve closely to His Majesty. According to the feudal house of military and civil servants In the Three Seal Act, Book 1 (1998), it was recorded that "Luang Rajabhat Raksa, right masseuse And Luang Rajo, the left masseuse holding Nadal 1600 rai, Khun Phakdi Ong and Khun Ong Raksa Permanent Secretary, right and left, Nadal 800 rai, ten thousand glass, select the ten thousand Wirat and ten thousand Chaiyadon 600 600 ... "during the reign of King Narai the Great. There is a collection of various drugs. The first time is called "texts of the Vatican Phra Narai". Thai traditional medicine is Is still widely popular There are pharmacies opening and selling generic herbal medicines by prescription. Inside and outside the city walls Even though the French missionaries brought Western medicine to spread in the country, they were not as popular as Thai traditional medicine.

In ancient times, the knowledge of Thai medicine and massage would be taught in succession, with the teacher accepting the pupils and then instructing them to memorize the various knowledge. Inherited knowledge may increase, be lost, or become distorted by the ability of teachers and pupils. Until the Rattanakosin period Phra Buddha Phra Yot Fa, Chulalongkorn Please To renovate "Photharam Temple" or "Wat Pho" as a royal temple to compile the Ruesi Datton textbook until massage books Then inscribed in the pavilion For the general public to study. Later in the year 2375, during the reign of King Nang Klao, His Majesty graciously granted that Restoration of Wat Pho Mai He made the Hermit image of the Buddha as a metal. And ordered the collection of massage texts and medical texts written in Wat Pho To disseminate to the general public to study And use the knowledge to be useful in the year 2499 B.E. Ordered the Royal Physician to organize a textbook and translate medical texts from Pali And Sanskrit in Thai Is called the Medical Welfare Book (Royal edition). This textbook has divided the massage into the Department of Hand Science called "The Royal Massage Book"

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