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Watpo is popularty known as the temple of the reclining under the King's patronage. Here the traditional knowledge about different aspects of Thai culture such as history religion, literature, arts, medical science, physical therapy and pharmacy. was gathered and preserved.

Watpo was continuously expanded. In 1836 during the reign of King Rama III, by royal decree, inscriptions related to arts and science such as medical science and pharmacology were created. There are 60 pictures showing the energy lines and pressure points of the human body. 80 statues show ascetics performing Yoga-like stretching exercises (Ruesi-Datton) with different beneficial effects, and about 1,100 formulas of recognized herbal medicines are illustrated. Like this the knowledge about medicine and self-healing could easily be accessed by anyone interested. In 2008 and 2011 the inscriptions of the epigraph archives of Watpo were recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in the “Memory of the World" regional register of the Asian-Pacific region and consecutively the international register.

The modern era of the Watpo Thai traditional medical and massage school (Watpo TTM) started in November 1955. It became the first school for traditional Thai medicine recognized by the Ministry of Education in Thailand. Watpo TTM offers 4 professional courses, Thai traditional pharmacy. Thai traditional medication, Thai traditional midwifery and Thai traditional massage. During the past 6 decades, a lot of Thais and foreigners have passed the courses and worked as health care providers and Spa therapists all over the world. Treatments such as Thai massage, foot massage or herbal compresses offered in the massage pavilion and the school's clinic are the most well-known massage treatments in Thailand.

In 2004, 2 new branches of the Chetawan massage schools were launched in Chaeng Wattana, Nonthaburi and in Chiang Mai. Both offer massage courses as well as massage treatments under the supervision of Watpo TTM.

In 2006 the Chetawan Health School in Salaya, Nakom Prathom opened its doors, offering a fusion of traditional Thai wisdom and western Spa knowledge. The compound includes not only the massage academy with its spa courses but also a fully equipped Spa, offering traditional Thai and modern treatments and a resort style accommodation in a safe, quiet and relaxing atmosphere surrounded by nature.

The massage and Spa treatments are also offered at the Chetawan Sports Club at Ratchada-Ramintra rd.

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