Professional Thai Massage Therapy I - 200 hours

Professional Thai Massage Therapy I

Professional Thai Massage Therapy I - 200 hours


Emphasize to be understanding and expert in reflexology.

To treat and relieve symptoms such as muscle aches, sprain, joint pain, knee pain, headache, back pain, shoulder pain, sprains on back, sprains on knees, sprains on legs,

relieve stress, Limbs are inconvenient to move.

Massage the muscles to prevent complications in patients with paralysis and a paralytic. etc.


Practical for 152 hours (22 days) At 09.00- 17.00

Starting from the basics, etiquette, hand laying, alignment, positioning and line massage.

Massage methods and procedures to understand of the specific areas that are pressed to treat illness.


Practicing real experiences at various locations provided

Learning to make Thai balm used to treat symptoms Including the selection of herbs to massage properly.


Theory for 48 hours (8 days) At 09.00- 17.00


Study about anatomy and physiology,

Emphasize on the bones and joints, muscles and nerves that affect on massage, Illness and relief,

contraindications of massage, evaluation of symptoms before massage and the general characteristics of various diseases that cando massage

Course starting :.  Mon(1) of every month

Course duration : 30 days (Monday-Saturday)

Class hours : 09.00 – 17.00

Registration fees : 53,000 Baht(course learning only)



Method of payment : Cash, credit card (Visa and Master card) or money transfer.

Required documents : A photocopy of passport and 2 inch of 3 photographs.

Locations: : Chetawan Health School(Salaya) Tel : 034-300-560


  • Professional Thai Massage Course for 165 hrs. is prerequisite
  • Required to stay at Chetawan Health School in Salaya for 30 days.

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