Woman Healthcare Massage

Woman Healthcare Massage - 30 Hour

Learn about the differences in a Thai Massage for women such as techniques to reduce pain, abdominal pain, aches during menstruation. Learn how to massage the mother during pregnancy, mother and child care after birth in light of Ekgakraohm. Learn Preparation for Delivery Herbal Massage and for the edlerly before and during visits with the elderly.

* Please bring 3 pictures 2" by 2" size for each course and a copy of I.D. card or passport.

Chetawan at salaya on Mondays week 1 every month.
WATPO TTM School on Every Mondays.

Class Time:
From 9 AM to 4 PM for 5 days.

10,500 Baht.

Appilicants must complete the General Thai Massage Course (1) before attending for this course from the Wat Po School or all 3 Chetawan Schools.