Infant and Child Massage

Infant and Child Massage Course - 21 Hours

Learn how to provide a warm and gentle touch to infants and children. This course is best suited for parents and nannies that have an infant or small child under your care. Massage will help to stimulate an infant's muscular and nervous system, to help prevent any malformation, and assist in the development of the infant's body, mind and spirit. It calms the infant by reducing anxiety and stress. This massage technique definitely strengthens the bonds between you and your child.

The Infant and Child Massage Course take 3 days: 1 day of theory and 3 days of practice.

*Student must pass the General Thai Massage Course (1) before attending this course.

Apply :
Apply and attend on Wednesday 1st every month

7,500 Baht.

Class hours:
From 9 AM to 3 PM for 3 days
- at Wat Po TTM School starts on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month
- at Chetawan health school at Salaya starts on the 1st Monday of each month unless otherwise pre-arranged.

Method of payment:
Cash , credit card ( Visa and master card) or Money Transfer

Required documents:
3 pictures of you by 2 inches size and a copy of your photo passport.