Advanced Medical Thai Massage

The Advanced Medical Thai Massage - 60 Hours

Teaches the fundamentals of Thai Massage Points and Lines for relief of more than 50 minor ailments, such as muscle sprains and pains, tennis elbow, stiffness of the neck, lower back pains, muscle cramps, muscle fatigue, muscle stiffness, muscular discomfort, and nervous tension.It also helps to make muscles, joints and tendons suppler.Thai Medical Massage is helpful in preventing the atrophy (wasting away) of muscles in paralyzed patients and elderly people who are unable to exercise.The first 4 days consists of the Theory of Anatomy and Physiology, Thai Massage Lines, and Thai Herbal Medicine.

Fee :
17,500 baht.

Class hours :
From 9 AM to 4 PM for 10 days.
- Wat Po School Bangkok starts on Monday (2nd) and Monday (4th) of each month.
- Chetawan Health School in Salaya start on 1st Monday of each month.

Prerequisite :
Student must complete the General Thai Massage Course (1) before attending for this course from the Wat Po School or all 3 Chetawan Schools in Salaya, Chaeng Watthana and Chiang Mai.

Method of payment:
Cash , credit card ( Visa and master card) or Money Transfer

Required documents :
3 pictures of you by 2 inches size and a copy of your photo passport.